The last night of freedom

The best friend or colleague asked you to be a best man or bridesmaid at his /her wedding? You have no idea how to organize a bachelor or a bachelorette party? Are you wondering where to organize a bachelorette party or a bachelor party in Wrocław? You no longer need to, we will help you organize an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party.

Admittedly, being a best man or bridesmaid is a great honor, but at the same time a huge challenge. You will be responsible for the organization of the whole party, which is supposed to remain in the memory of the bride and groom for a long long time.

We offer you a helping hand!

Let us become your personal assistant in organizing a perfect bachelorette party and a bachelor party cruise on a sailboat in Wrocław, with a dance floor, comfortable leather sofas, on which you can relax and catch your breath, colorful LED lighting, which provides our sailboat with exceptional visual qualities and makes it recognizable. We guarantee that the other guests will be delighted with the idea of organizing a bachelorette or bachelor cruise party on our sailboat in Wrocław.

Thanks to the fact that we have closable bimini and heating on our sailboat, we are independent of the weather, and the protruding stern deck allows us to go outside any time and grasp some fresh air. Furthermore You can watch funny videos specially prepared for this occasion on the TV set mounted inside the boat. Many groups usually have their own ideas with regards to attractions and games, which would be suitable for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Ladies also often prepare special poems and occasional wishes for a bachelorette party. It is often the case that participants of events organized on our sailboat also give each other gifts and gadgets on the occasion of a bachelor or bachelorette party. What's more, our audio equipment allows you to control the music yourself - Bluetooth connection and free access to WI-FI open up practically unlimited possibilities. Thanks to our support, you will surely be able to arrange an unforgettable evening party full of adventures, fully deserving of the title of the most important event in which you participated while still remaining in the single state :)

The suggested duration of the cruise is at least 2 hours. Why? Well, because it takes about 20 minutes from the moment of boarding, until the party will hot up. Then the party begins and suddenly it turns out that you have to go leave the sailboat, so these 2 hours is the optimal time to be able to have even more fun, not having to go down to dry land and paying homage to Neptun.

The most popular menu for a bachelor party is definitely the grill menu, which thanks to its high calorific value balances the effect of alcohol and is considered definitely more "masculine". Ladies at the bachelorette party are more likely to choose a cold plate with finger foods as the main course, which thanks to their visual qualities, will definitely please the female eye and the palate. Such a menu selection means that every woman's dress at the bachelorette party always would fit perfectly and look great till the end of the party. Even after eating the cake, which every bachelorette party should be celebrated with !

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