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Corporate meetings

Some company meetings require special setting and we can help you with this. Regardless of whether you are looking for a place to dine with business partners or an important company meeting with the possibility of carrying out a multimedia presentation using our TV -set we are always at your disposal. Company meetings, which may be organized on our sailboat would give You the opportunity to build unique relationship with contractors in a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone who deals with sales or negotiations in their work knows how small details can affect the atmosphere during the business meeting and, consequently, its result. With regard to company meetings, that require a high level of confidentiality, our captain may swim wearing the headphones, while location of the crew member is on the aft deck, that means beyond the boundary of sound or sight. Variety of catering menu and beverages menu to choose from our offer will allow everyone to find something for themselves on our board. Thanks to the fact that our sailboat is equipped with toilet, heating, closable sideboard, sound system and WI-FI, it will definitely meet all your expectations, offering all the convenience of a restaurant or conference room in a much more attractive form. You do not need to look for a conference room in Wrocław in order to organize company meetings anymore, our sailboat can be a floating conference room at your disposal since now!

Corporate events

Employee integration in the company is an important element of human resources management and the useful means of establishing a well-coordinated team of co-workers. Why not carry it out on the sailboat? Experience sharing and common adventure event unites a group of co-workers and remains in its memory for a long time. Many companies have already organized various events on the board of our sailboat and as you can see from the comments published on our fanpage - there was not a single group that was dissatisfied. It's much easier to break the ice of business meetings on the sailboat. Invite your contractors for a business supper accompanied with tasty drinks. We know from the experience that if you invite a person who swims, for a meeting on a sailboat, it will be a huge success. The limited space on the sailboat enhances the integration of employees or contractors during corporate events, which allows to achieve the main objective of the event, that is the integration of employees. Views on Ostrów Tumski or the green banks of the Odra River add unique character to the events organized on the board of our sailboat. While, our catering menu and beverages menu will meet the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs of good taste. Dance floor allows you to give vent to your emotions and show the other party people how to do it in grand style! In addition, you can choose the musical accompaniament yourself - through connecting any device using Bluetooth to our sound system. WI-FI, which is also available on board, will provide you access to Spotify or YouTube. We are waiting for you, regardless of whether you want to spend some time talking with friends after work in a relaxed atmosphere, or let your imagination run wild and have fun with your colleagues during an integration company event. Depending on the type of event, our sailboat can be regarded as an means of inland waterway transport service, catering service or as training center. For details, please contact us by phone.

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