You do not need to convince anyone, especially those who have entered this page, to the fact that a cruise on the Odra river is one of the best ideas for sightseeing Wrocław. Once we've established this fact, let us take care of it's execution.

First of all, it is worth emphasizing why booking the cruise on our sailboat is ideally suited for this purpose. First of all, the size of our sailboat allows us to enter the city center and we are the only company in the industry who offers audio guide in English and German. Furthermore our crew will always be happy to share the most interesting stories and legends about nearby monuments with you. We serve cool refreshing beverages on hot days on the board of our sailboat. Furthermore the toilet, which is available on our deck provides comfort of swimming, while free WI-FI allows you to immediately share with friends amazing photos taken on board.

During cooler days we close the sideboards and turn on the heating, while those who are always cold will receive a blanket from us to warm up. As for the larger groups, which would like to book our sailboat for exclusive use it is possible to choose an individual offer of catering menu and alcohol drinks. Sightseeing Wrocław from the perspective of the river and a cruise along the Odra river on the route allowing you to admire the greatest attractions of Wrocław can be carried out with us in two ways. By making the individual reservation or booking the ticketed cruise. Below you can find a description of both variants and a map showing the route of the cruise depending on its duration time.

Individual reservations

This option is especially recommended for larger groups coming to Wrocław for short sightseeing tours around our beautiful city. A cruise can last one, two, three or more hours? We recommend to familiarize yourself with the map provided above.

The advantages of choosing an individual reservation with sightseeing tour option which includes the best attractions of Wrocław are following: the reservations can be made in advance, the length of the cruise is not limited and there is a possibility to choose a route as well as the starting point from two available marinas. Additionally it is possible to order catering menu and beverage menu, not to mention the fact, that our sailboat is exclusively at your disposal, without presence of other people on the board. Reservations always take place on the JAZZ sailboat.

Reservations can be made by phone at 885 502 502 or by email:

Ticketed cruise

Ticketed cruise is a good choice for smaller groups or people who do not have a strictly defined plan for exploring the attractions of Wrocław. The duration of the cruise is 40 minutes. We always depart from the Włostowica harbor. Due to the fact that ticketed cruises are complementary to our offer of event cruises booked through individual reservations, we do not have fixed departure or arrival hours. We always start a cruise around Wrocław when we gather at least a 6-person group of participants and only in the hours in which we do not have any other reservations. If you want to book a ticketed cruise without a reservation, please contact directly our crew on the particular sailboat at: 795 997 906. However it is possible to make a reservation of a ticketed cruise no earlier than two days before the planned date of the cruise. We require a reservation of six seats minimum, or paying the fee equivalent to the price of six full-fare tickets. On Saturdays, reservations can only be made until 14:00. When booking a ticketed cruise, please remember that one of our two sailboats - JAZZ or BLUES is available.

Reservations for cruises around Wrocław should be submitted by phone at our office number: 885 502 502. Due to the duration time of the ticketed cruise with sightseeing tour around Wrocław (40 minutes), during such a trip there is no possibility to take advantage of the catering offer.

Attractions and monuments of Wrocław, which can be admired during a sightseeing tour around Wrocław: Attractions: Krasnoludek Pracz ( one of Wroclaw's famous dwarfs), Nawa Monument, Słodowa Island, Daliowa Island, Tamka Island, Saint Clara's Mills, Tumska Barge moored nearby The Tumski Hotel, Piasek Island, Ostrów Tumski, Włostowica Boulevard, Dunikowskiego Boulevard, Library of the University of Wrocław, Wrocław University of Technology Campus, the cableway „Polinka”, the first House on the Water in Poland, the estuary of Oława river. Monuments: The main building of the University of Wrocław, the Ossolineum, Piaskowy Bridge, Maria Mill, Tumski Bridge, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the sand, Ceglarski Bastion, Market Hall, National Museum building, Lower Silesian Voivodship Office Building, Grunwaldzki Bridge, Water Tower.

Our crew can share interesting stories about each of these objects with you. Find out if it's worth listening to them! Some of the above are considered the most important monuments of Wrocław and attractions that must and should be explored while visiting the city. For those who like to get to know the city in its entirety and feel in its unique atmosphere instead of ticking the next boxes on the list of visited monuments, we would like to say – You are warmly invited to join us on the board of our sailboat! Come, relax and meet our crew. Odra river has always been an essential element of our city and it's special atmosphere is worth to be enjoyed during one of our cruises.

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