Friends on the wave

Friends on the wave

There are many reasons why we want to go out to meet the friends. We offer you an interesting answer to the question of how you can actively spend time during the week or during the weekend or Sunday afternoon in Wrocław.

Admittedly we do not always want to invite our friends home, because it involves certain duties: we have to prepare a meal that would surprise our friends, astonish them by the idea of spending time together in home, that, although might be comfortable in some respects, actually do not give us many opportunities. Isn't it better to go beyond the comfort zone and take your friends with you to hang out into the town?

Of course you can, but we suggest you how to surprise your friends with a more high-minded idea. So how can you spend your free time in Wrocław? Well, by planning to take a cruise with your friends. Since usually this attraction is associated with a sitting still on couches and admiring views, we are often discouraged and give up such an idea. In fact, sometimes it does happen, but definitely not with us!

Our party catamaran will take you on a cruise where you can make a barbecue, sing karaoke and dance, play board games or cards accompanied by good music, which you can choose yourselves by connecting your device to our free Wi-Fi, while we take care of your safety and provide you unforgettable impressions. To make your friends even more surprised, you can order a catering menu varied with many unconventional entrees and dishes, the consumption of which at the meeting with friends and acquaintances will be fun in itself. Summer on the plate, summer in the air, summer in the scent of freshly cut grass, in a splash of water, warm atmosphere and a glass of wine in your hand. What do you want more? Do not worry about such things as covering the table, cleaning up or wondering what you could serve during such a meeting with friends. Do not worry - we will take care of everything.

Before party on the sailboat is the perfect before party. Thanks to the diversity of drinks we offer and the high quality ingredients, that we use to create them, we will satisfy the palates of even the most demanding guests thus making you always want to come back to us. However, if the evening has already been planned in advance and nothing is able to change it, the fact that the location of our University Harbor is so close to the city's Main Square solves the problem of reaching the nearest clubs and pubs without ordering a taxi.

And what if we would like to organize a meeting with the old friends whom we have not seen for a long long time? We share common moments, places we've visited together, moments worthy of being captured in photos. And watching them together enlivens the memory and makes you want to collect even more of such memories. The photos can be quickly and conveniently displayed on the TV monitor mounted on the sailboat, and who knows if you will not have the opportunity to view, together with friends during the next meeting, the photos taken on our JAZZ sailboat? ;) Or maybe you want to show Wrocław to a visiting friend or family living outside Wrocław? Do not hesitate to think about what you can show them, take them on a cruise on the Odra river in Wrocław. This is definitely one of the greatest attractions of Wrocław, which will be remembered by your friends for a long time!

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