Special events

Special events

We will find many special occasions that need a proper setting, but there will always be someone who will have enough time to be able to look after all aspects of a successful diner party and organize it in a comprehensive way. Regardless of whether you are organizing a birthday, name day, communion or jubilee party, each of them must be planned well in advance and all its individual elements should be prepared in due time.

We know that organisation of occasional party seems to be a huge project. This is a real challenge, because we are facing a whole list of dilemmas related to where to organize the party, how to choose a perfect birthday cake or a 1-st Communion cake, another issue that is a nightmare for every organizer as well for the guests is finding the perfect gift, not to mention the appropriate decorations.

We suggest where you can organize a party on the occasion of 1-st Communion, birthday, anniversary, wedding anniversary, in other words, any occasional party in Wrocław. We will not list the names of the best restaurants in our city, because you only need to enter the appropriate query in Google search engine and you will get the variety of results.

We offer you a floating restaurant on a sailboat with a full-size catering menu, a large selection of alcohol cocktails, catering facilities and experienced staff that will ensure that your stay with us would be comfortable. You will have the opportunity to pick and choose from a wide variety of our services ;) You will find a piece of dance floor on our sailboat, and later you will be able to sit back on comfortable leather sofas and taste a delicious meals prepared according to our catering menu.

The toilet located on the deck of the sailboat provides the comfort of not having to go ashore every time when the need of it arises, so you can book a few-hour cruise, without the necessity of running immediately after descending from the sailboat to the nearest building in order to satisfy physiological needs;)

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