The blues ship on weekend mornings is a favorite of families and tourists on ticket cruises - there you can definitely meet it most often. In the afternoons and evenings, it discovers its party character, which is perfect for one- and two-hour bookings. Below we have described in which situations it works best and what its equipment is. It is also worth scrolling to the end of this page to view a gallery of his photos.





Optional warm catring

Optional cold plate

Tableware and glassware

Paper tableware

Stocked bar

Selected drinks



Premium audio

LED lighting

Leather sofas

A place to dance

Closed side canvas or inclement weather

Exclusive unit compared to our competition

Blues is the only ship in our offer that is not a catamaran, which does not mean that our guests do not like to book it. It is best suited when the budget is limited or your event is more intimate. It is most often booked on the occasion of family cruises or for hen and stag parties. For small groups it is very spacious and offers the opportunity to admire the surroundings both from the bow and from the stern..

Check the gallery below and the table next to it to assess whether its equipment is satisfactory for you. We do not offer hot catering on board this ship and we do not have a bar. However, very often guests who choose it bring their own snacks and alcohol - which is possible with us for an additional fee. This allows you to make a cruise on board this ship even more profitable!

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