The Swing ship is our gem. We designed and finished this ship ourselves, based on several decades of experience in sailing and over 10 years in conducting cruises on the Oder River for you. The space for passengers on this ship is the largest among all ships sailing in Wrocław. Finishing in the form of leather, comfortable sofas, wooden tables and the entire interior of the ship maintained in a wooden atmosphere creates an amazing experience after boarding. If you think that your occasion requires a luxurious and prestigious setting - you've come to the right place. Anyway, for some reason, it was this ship from all over Wrocław that Jackie Chan, chose when he was on a cruise around Wrocław? In the Price List, you can check that the price for renting this vessel does not differ from the prices of the competition, despite the fact that the comfort and luxury that this ship offers is second to none. Treat yourself to a little luxury. Interested? See more information about the ship below and call as soon as possible to book it.





Optional warm catring

Optional cold plate

Tableware and glassware

Paper tableware

Stocked bar

Selected drinks



Premium audio

LED lighting

Leather sofas

A place to dance

Closed side canvas or inclement weather

Exclusive unit compared to our competition

Swing is the BEST ship from our offer and on the entire Oder River in Wrocław - the largest (among ships up to 12 passengers), the most modern, the most exclusive, the best equipped and many, many more. The equipment shown next to it best proves it - as well as the gallery below. .

On board you can realize our full offer. It is very often chosen for exclusive corporate events, events for foreign guests, wine tastings and similar occasions. Which does not mean that parties on the ship do not take place on it - not one crew had a great time here at parties on various occasions!

Email: info@funboat.pl
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