How to book a cruise?

In this article, we will tell you how to book cruises on the Oder River on our ships in Wrocław.


  • Check out our website, where we tried to put the most important information, i.e.: Price lists – - up-to-date information on ship rental prices and catering offer.
  • Our ships – here you will find photos of our vessels, a description of the equipment and capabilities of each ship,
  • Our marinas - here we have included the location of our marinas with which we start cruises for tickets and reservations.


To handle the booking, we have created an online system through which you can confirm and pay for the reservation in advance or in full, and select additional services during the cruise, such as catering, alcohol and the like. To start creating a reservation, call us 885 502 502 or send us a message or via the contact form available at the bottom of our website. During the conversation, we will ask you for information necessary to make a reservation, such as:

  • Name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number of the person booking the cruise,
  • Date and approximate time of departure of the cruise,
  • Information whether you need invoice.


After creating a reservation, you will receive an email with a link to your reservation panel. After clicking on it, you will be able to select all additional services, start and end places, request an invoice and send data for its issuance, leave comments for us in our system and pay for the entire reservation or deposit. This payment at the end of the form is handled by PayU and it is the confirmation of the booking and the availability of the unit and date.

In the comments field, you can enter, for example: we have a baby carriage, we are with a dog, a disabled person is with us - we will need assistance when boarding the ship, we will come on time / 5 minutes later, please ask for this or that 😊 . It is worth filling in the field so that the crew is fully prepared to meet you.


If you have completed the previous step, your booking is confirmed and entered into our system, no additional confirmations are required. If in the previous step you only paid the deposit for the reservation, the rest of the payment will be required during the cruise - we prefer deducted cash.

See you on the ship! We try to ensure that the unit is substituted 15 minutes before the start of the reservation. This break, however, is also time for our crew to prepare the vessel for your booking. We can usually board you 5 to 10 minutes before your booking starts. At the end of the cruise, the ship will dock approximately 5 minutes before the end of your cruise, so that you can safely disembark at the end of your booking.

If the event is successful and we do not have further reservations on that day, it is possible to extend the reservation - details in this regard will be provided by our crew.

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