Corporate and integration events

Integration of employees in a company, organization or group of friends is an important element of human resources management and the key to a harmonious team of colleagues. Why not do it on a ship? Experiencing adventures together bonds the group and stays in their memory for a long time. More than one company had fun on board and as you can see from the comments on our fanpage - there was no group that would leave dissatisfied. Employees of small companies as well as management boards and groups of employees from large corporations were satisfied with our services.

The limited space on the ship enhances the integration of employees or contractors during corporate events. By making the main goal of this event, i.e. the integration of employees, more likely to have positive effects. Views of Ostrów Tumski or the green banks of the Oder river add spice to events on our deck. Our catering and alcohol offer will take care of good tastes. The graphic below shows the equipment available on our ships.

In the tab Our marinas you will find out where we are located - and it is in the very center of Wrocław - and sample cruise routes depending on their duration. In the Price list tab, you can find all our prices, both for cruises and additional services, and in the Our ships tab, you can watch us with impunity.

In matters regarding the booking or in case of additional questions, please contact us 0048 885 502 502, e-mail address or via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Feel free to contact us!

Where to organize a company event in Wrocław? Where to organize the boss's birthday in Wrocław? Where to take business partners from abroad? Where to organize a business dinner in Wrocław? Birthday gift idea for boss? The best and creative attractions for employees in Wrocław?

If you are wondering about any of the above questions, a corporate event on a ship in Wroclaw may be the perfect solution for you. A cruise on the Oder River is a great opportunity to integrate. The presence of only you during the event on the ship enhances integration. The boss's birthday will be unforgettable during the cruise. The proximity of nature, beautiful monuments and the feeling of luxury will make the event unforgettable. Our crew ensures a unique atmosphere during each cruise around Wrocław. Regardless of whether your meeting will be of a business or party nature.

We invite you to board our ship for a cruise on the Oder river. The above-mentioned equipment will make this cruise around Wrocław comfortable. It is worth taking advantage of our offer of the most exclusive ships on the Oder River in Wrocław. On our home page you can find information about our full offer, and in the contact tab all the information you need to book a cruise.

Zorganizuj z nami swój rejs!
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