Ticketed cruises with sightseeing in Wrocław are most often held on board, both on weekends and during the week. However, this ship also has a lot of people willing to make reservations for both parties and quiet cruises - we wrote more about its possibilities below. Many of our guests book Rock just a few hours in advance, treating it as a great alternative for unannounced visits or spontaneous family, friends or business meetings. With a group of 10 people, the cost of booking it per hour is only PLN 60 per person, for a private, luxury cruise - in our opinion, it is a very good deal!





Optional warm catring

Optional cold plate

Tableware and glassware

Paper tableware

Stocked bar

Selected drinks



Premium audio

LED lighting

Leather sofas

A place to dance

Closed side canvas or inclement weather

Exclusive unit compared to our competition

Rock is the smallest of our units, when booking, we recommend it for groups of up to 10 people (but it can also fit 12 :)). It is modern and its Flexiteek deck gives the impression of being on a yacht. It is a very open vessel (it has only a roof), which makes it ideal for cruising on hot summer evenings. This ship may be the smallest of our offer, but compared to the competition it is as big as other catamarans offering cruises around Wrocław. However, it is distinguished from other vessels by the most elegant appearance and sense of luxury on board..

This ship is a favorite of ladies on cruises on the occasion of bachelorette parties on the ship. Cavaliers do not despise him either. Interestingly, it also works great when you want to take your family or friends from out of town on a cruise. The table presents its equipment, and the gallery below will show that our words about modernity and luxury were not exaggerated. There are comfortable tables on board. You can ask us to prepare drinks and snacks, or for a small fee you can bring your own drinks, alcohol and snacks on board. We invite you to book Rock.

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