Ticket cruises

These are flights for which you can buy a ticket for a single seat. We organize them for tourists and natives of Wrocław who want to see Wrocław from the side of the Oder River. The route of this cruise is selected so that in 40 minutes you can see as many monuments of Wrocław as possible. We run these cruises on small ships that arrive as close to the center as possible - places where large cruise ships cannot fit. Check the Our ships tab to see what our ships look like.

Currently, our ships are waiting for you from 10:00 every Saturday and Sunday , which is not very bad weather. The number of ships on a given day and the time we sail up to depends on many factors such as weather, bookings or whether it is the beginning, end or peak of the season. In the high season, our ships are available every day for ticket cruises on the Oder with sightseeing in Wrocław.


Each cruise lasts 40 minutes and starts from Przystań Włostowica (click to see the location). Cruises take place cyclically, every 15-60 minutes, depending on how many ships are available on a given day. The cost of a single ticket is:

  • PLN 50 normal ticket,
  • PLN 40 reduced ticket - seniors, students, children up to 16 years of age,
  • Free - children up to 3 years old.

When you need detailed information about the start time of the cruise or our availability for ticket cruises on a specific day - call 0048 885 502 502.

The graphic below shows the route of our cruise.

Attractions and monuments of Wrocław visible during the cruise around Wrocław:

Attractions: Pracz Dwarf, Nawa Sculpture, Słodowa Island, Daliowa Island, Tamka Island, Klara Channel, Tumska barge at the Tumski Hotel, Piasek Island, Ostrów Tumski, Włostowica Boulevard, Dunikowski Boulevard, library of the University of Wrocław, campus of Wrocław University of Science and Technology, "Polinka" cable car , the first House on the Water in Poland, the mouth of the Oława River.

Sights: The main building of the University of Wrocław, the Wrocław Ossolineum, the Piaskowy Bridge, the Maria Mill, the Tumski Bridge, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Sand, the Ceglarski Bastion, the Market Hall, the National Museum, the building of the Provincial Office, the Grunwaldzki Bridge, the Water Tower.

Our crew can tell you about each of these objects, it's worth listening to them 😉 Some of the above are among the most important monuments of Wrocław and attractions that you must and should see while in Wrocław.


To those who like to get to know the city as it is and feel its atmosphere instead of ticking off the visited monuments on the list, we would like to say - welcome on board. Come, relax and meet our crew. The Oder River has always been an important element of our city and it is worth feeling in it.

Cruises on the Odra river in Wroclaw are conducted on board one of our four ships. During them, you can include a comfortable sightseeing tour of Wrocław. It is definitely a great way to visit Wrocław with children and a brilliant attraction for children in Wrocław. We also don't know of a better idea than including a cruise on the Oder river in Wroclaw as a walk around Wroclaw for the family and visiting its monuments. If you are wondering what to see in Wrocław or what is worth showing to guests from outside Wrocław, a cruise on the Oder by ship or boat is the best idea. In light of the definition, the correct name is a cruise around Wrocław, but we are not offended if you use words such as a boat cruise around Wrocław or a boat cruise around Wrocław.

To sum up, in our opinion, a cruise around Wrocław is the perfect way to spend your free time with your family and explore Wrocław. Certainly, it is also a must-see for all guests from outside Wrocław - after such a cruise, your guests will be left with a very good impression that will stay with them for a long time.

Email: info@funboat.pl
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